About Us

The Fintyre group is the leading distributor of replacement tyres in Italy, and each year sells more that 4 million tyres with the aim of expanding and consolidating its current market position. The Fintyre group operates right across the country and is among the strongest presences in the sector. Fintyre is the main contact for professional stockists for all vehicles looking for a reliable and knowledgeable partner with a strong contractual capacity.

The Future of Distribution born from a Great Past

Fintyre SPA today is the foremost distributor of tyres in Italy, made up of some of the major distribution brands: Pneuservice’90, Pneufin, Garda Gomme, Pneuservice Agro Industriale, Toscana Pneumatici, Pneumatici F. Giordano, All Pneus Group, All Pneus Toscana, Beba Gomme Piemonte and All Pneus Trentino Alto Adige.
The ambition is to establish Fintyre as the leading distributor of tyres and the plans has recently started to take shape. Under a new, highly specialised and knowledgeable management team, the project aims to grow Fintyre through the acquisition of companies operating in other countries.
This change confirms the process of growing and strengthening the company as it seeks to become the national distributor of choice for retailers and suppliers.

Fintyre offers:

  • A full, diverse range of products including: premium, quality and budget ranges.
  • A solid price, thanks to an extensive supplier network
  • An extensive sales network in the region
  • A full range of services for stores
  • Short delivery times and effective products.