FintyreClub is the initiative that Fintyre dedicas to its customers that, in a participatory context, looks to the future through knowledge and innovation. Fintyre Club is dedicated to a wide range of management services, marketing tools, attractive promotions in support of the business, and communications that support the customer in its business activities.

The project FintyreClub stands out for its innovative and exclusive content, the development of which involved leading companies in the industry, and make it the program that is at the forefront in creating more value to the relationship between Fintyre and its customers.

Becoming a FintyreClub member means being able to:

  • take advantage of the exclusive initiatives dedicated to the club
  • be part of a consolidated group of professionals who, through the initiatives of the club, expand their business prospects
  • establish a long-lasting and profitable relationship with Fintyre.