Fintyre serves tyre dealers offering a range of products and services, uniquely extensive, thanks to a dedicated department for each task and the support of the manufacturers, Fintyre is able to offer tyre dealers all the necessary services to meet the needs of their customers.

Commercial Services:

  • Choice of tyres for all industries
  • Choice of Brands
  • Highly competitive terms of service
  • Communication with manufacturers for information, technical support, complaints etc
  • Ongoing monitoring of market conditions
  • Agreements with organisations and large companies (car rentals etc.)
  • Agreements with partner suppliers
  • Projects triangulated with producers
  • Marketing projects in line with retailers’ own campaigns
  • Portfolio management and vouchers.
  • Gestione portafoglio prodotti esclusivi

Logistical Services:

Thanks to the support of our 13 depots, Fintyre’s network of resources and logistical support, represent a great opportunity for all tyre dealers who can rely on the logistical facilities: truly an ‘annex’ to your warehouse, with regular deliveries and the ability to respond to the specific needs as well as any emergencies, we offer a complete range of efficient and practical services.

Management Services and Buying Support:

  • Phone lines with trained staff, open ten hours a day
  • Orders by website, post, fax or email
  • View statements electronically
  • Reliable and accurate trade and financial agreements