The Fintyre Group

The acquisition of Pneusmarket and Franco Gomme has allowed the Group to become one of the top five independent distributors in Europe

With over 6 million distributed tyres, 2 central hubs, and 8 warehouses serving the nationwide demands, 220 employees and a commercial organisation consisting of over 80 independent agents, Fintyre has experienced - starting from the early 2000s - an impressive development and expansion phase making it today's top operator in Italy and among the top five in Europe in the distribution of spare tyres.

In 2015 Fintyre completed the acquisition of Pneusmarket, a Marangoni Group company that operates in retail and wholesale of car, light and industrial tyres.

With a network of 40 retail outlets, Pneusmarket is the largest chain store in Italy with a positioning that gives the brand a worthy reputation in consumer and industrial segments.

The Pneusmarket outlets distribute and mount the world's leading brands of tyres for motorists, company car fleets, small and medium-sized commercial vehicles, service networks for trucks and HGVs, leasing and rental companies. The acquisition marked Fintyre's entry to the retail distribution sector, allowing it to diversify its revenues, and at the same time has allowed Pneusmarket to operate with its own brand name which is well-known and highly appreciated by the reference market.

In 2016, Fintyre continued to expand by finalising the acquisition of Franco Gomme, a distribution company founded in 1977 that will continue to see Franco De Marchi at the helm. The company, whose distribution and business model is distinct and complementary to that of Fintyre, will continue its commercial growth path with complete autonomy and operational independence. It is, in fact, the intention of Fintyre to safeguard its professionalism and position on the market. It is expected for synergies to take place in the ​purchasing, product management, logistics and finance areas as a result of this operation.

The acquisition of Pneusmarket and Franco Gomme has significantly increased the size of Fintyre. The aggregate turnover of the two enterprises, in fact, amounted to over 420 million euro in 2016, placing the Group among the top five independent distributors in Europe.

In the first months of 2017, the private equity fund Bain Capital finalised the acquisition of the Fintyre Group, which will work with the company's management to continue the growth path targeting leadership in Italy and Europe in the wholesale and retail distribution of tyres.