High product quality
and skilled personnel

Our services always at your disposal

Fintyre’s strength comes from high levels of quality and a dynamic, professional and expert group of people.

Fintyre offers a wide range of services, accurate and efficient, in order to support clients in every moment with an advisory approach.


  • Assortment of tires for all business sectors
  • Assortment of all portfolio and esclusive brands
  • Highly competitive purchasing conditions
  • Promotions specially designed to meet client needs
  • Direct interaction with manufacturers for information, technical support, complaints
  • Continuous monitoring of market conditions
  • Special agreements with suppliers, corporations and strategic companies
  • Marketing projects, Company-owned and in cooperation with suppliers


  • 2 hubs and 12 warehouses
  • Strategic and widespread coverage of the Italian territory
  • Efficient and accurate service range
  • Daily delivery on 80% of the national territory
  • Twice-a-day delivery on 65% of the national territory

Technology at your service

Advanced technology to better respond to your needs

Punctuality and efficiency

A service that lives up to your expectations with an extensive market coverage

Management and purchase support

  • Telephone lines and trained staff for the transmission of orders, open 10 hours a day
  • 2 call centers that manage client needs nationwide and on a daily basis.
  • Online order transmission
  • Online visualization of order status
  • Creation of statistic reports

Digital Tools

Flexible and updated platform, suitable for any need

Constant support

Experts always available in every step of the purchase


  • A reserved expert, always available for you
  • Sending of invoices by post, fax and e-mail at the customers discretion
  • Online visualization of personal account statement
  • Reliability and precision in respecting commercial and financial agreements


Experts always focused on specific client needs

Accessible portal

Your documents always available whenever you need them

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